Homestyle Kitchen


Client: CG601752

Portfolio: Kitchen

Service Date: September 2016

Location: Rockledge, FL

Job Details:

A kitchen in Rockledge, Florida with a comfortable and casual Country French design.

For this kitchen, it was all about making minor updates that produced a more drastic outcome of the design within the overall space. Designer Dawn Johns worked with the homeowners, whom desired a space that was warm and inviting. Dawn specified Norcraft Cabinetry’s Adams Maple door style in the color Divinity to make the smaller sized kitchen feel more open. For a traditional touch to the space a Level One Granite with specks of beige, brown and grey was chosen for the countertops.

For the flooring, the homeowners worked with Brad Warburton. To warm up some of the white and brighter colors in the kitchen, Vintage Classic Laminate flooring in the color Red River Hickory was chosen. The rich tones throughout the flooring helps prevent the bright cabinets from dominating the space, and provides a cozy feeling that is present in the Country French style.