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  Why Should I choose Carpet? Carpet continues to be a popular choice in flooring, delivering the qualities of warmth, comfort and excellent sound absorption. With today’s leading flooring technologies, carpet is designed to be softer, stronger, and highly stain resistant making it a reasonable flooring choice for any home or business. Available in a wide range of textures, styles, colors, and patterns, carpet adds beautiful design with high performance and functionality to any home. Whether...

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Why should I choose Tile? Tile is fan favorite for homeowners due to its phenomenal qualities such as durability, longevity, ease of cleaning and product variability. Trends in home design are ever changing and tile has been one of the largest categories of flooring that has grown and evolved. Tile has advanced in terms of aesthetics and is now viewed as more than just home flooring. It is a statement of interior design. Today’s tile now follows the latest trends in layout patterns, color, shapes...

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Hardwood Flooring

Why Should I choose Hardwood Flooring? With its natural beauty, timeless elegance, and warm appearance, you can never go wrong choosing hardwood flooring for your home. The variety of plank sizes, colors, species and finishes of wood flooring make it easy to compliment the style and decor of any room. A wood floor is a great investment as it will not only increase the beauty of your home but will increase its value as well. Along with the classic and luxurious beauty, there are many more advantages and...

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Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank

Why Should I Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring? In recent years, vinyl flooring has gone through a great amount of changes and is now one of the top selling categories of flooring at J&J Carpet One. Thanks to innovative developments and technological advancements, vinyl is now produced with a much higher durability than before, making it the first waterproof, childproof, and petproof flooring product! With high definition patterns, visual texture, natural variations in color and various sizes...

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Quartz Countertops Quartz countertops have been the latest material making their way into many homes. The incredible features and high aesthetic design that realistically mimics the look and feel of marble and granite has made this engineered product the new go to for countertops and surfaces. At J&J Carpet One, we carry some of the top industry leading brands, which offer the most current styles and countertop trends.   What is Quartz? Quartz countertops have been the latest material making...

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