Hardwood Flooring


Why Should I choose Hardwood Flooring?

With its natural beauty, timeless elegance, and warm appearance, you can never go wrong choosing hardwood flooring for your home. The variety of plank sizes, colors, species and finishes of wood flooring make it easy to compliment the style and decor of any room. A wood floor is a great investment as it will not only increase the beauty of your home but will increase its value as well. Along with the classic and luxurious beauty, there are many more advantages and benefits of having hardwood.
Today’s hardwood floors are refined and finished using procedures that have improved their performance, so you get the character you want with the quality that will last. Some of these pre-finished techniques include the application of a urethane finish, making the hardwood stain resistant and less susceptible to moisture. Another feature of hardwood is that it is non-allergenic, so it won’t retain or trap dust, making your home a healthier living environment. No matter your style and personal preferences, we at J&J Carpet One, offer top of the line selections of hardwood fitting for any lifestyle.


Types of Hardwood Flooring

There are two types of hardwood flooring; solid hardwood and engineered hardwood.


Solid hardwood consists of single solid ¾” planks of wood, and therefore can be sanded and refinished numerous times to look new, or even stained with a new color for a customized look.


Engineered hardwood is composed of layers of plywood that is glued together to form a single board. The final layer of wood that is glued on top of the supporting layers determines the species of the engineered wood. Natural hardwood is very favorable, partly because of its warm character and pleasing visual aesthetics. However, the new technology put into the production of engineered hardwood has improved the look, feel and durability of the flooring making it a practical choice for every type of home and lifestyle.

A fundamental advantage of engineered hardwood is that it is more durable and less susceptible to moisture damage or expansion and contraction than solid hardwood floors. This advantage is due to the multi-layer plywood construction of the wood that is ¼ turned and glued together. This cross-grained construction counteracts the natural tendency of wood to expand and contract throughout seasonal temperature changes, as well as changes in humidity. So while solid wood flooring is a fine choice, engineered hardwood is more dimensionally stable and able to withstand the changes in climate throughout the year. In addition to these advantages, engineered hardwood can also be installed in various ways and on any grade level of the home making it more versatile and a more sensible choice of hardwood flooring.  


How to Care for Hardwood Floors

Now that your hardwood flooring has brought everlasting style and beauty to your home, it is crucial to give your floors the proper care upholding its look and value for a lifetime. Hardwood is a relatively easy floor covering to keep clean and care for; however, you will want to pay close attention to the ingredients in your cleaning products, as well as the amount used. First things first, you should always refer to the flooring manufacturer’s recommendations in case the wood requires a specific product and cleaning process. Using the wrong product or cleaning tool on your floors can cause permanent damage and will result in a void in the manufacturer’s warranty. It is also a good idea to test the cleaner on a small area before applying it to the entire floor.

Periodical Maintenance

Built up dust and dirt can damage the finish on your hardwood floors and cause scratching, so sweep your floors, and be aware of any dirt or sand in high traffic areas. Spills or liquid on hardwood should be wiped up immediately to avoid stains and warping to your hardwood.


Your weekly floor cleaning should be more thorough than your daily cleaning, so dusting with a dry mop and vacuuming should be completed each week. Whether you prefer to vacuum first then dry mop, or vise versa, there is no proper order. Vacuuming is important because it lifts any dust that is between the creases of the wood floorboards, so use a vacuum that has a hard surface setting or with a special bare floor attachment. Dry dust mops are excellent for cleaning hard floor surfaces and work best for gathering dust and dirt in places a vacuum is unable to reach. Be sure to use a clean dust cloth each time you dry mop, and make sure there are no rough grains stuck in it. Also, do not exclude areas such as under the bed, couch, or tables when dry mopping, for dust and debris tend to get pushed under and the build up can cause damage.

Deep Cleaning for Hardwood Floors

Mopping with natural cleaners or solutions specifically made for engineered hardwood is the best way to deep clean hardwood floors. However, before using any cleansers on your wood floors, review the manufacturer’s warranty information. Too much water or cleansers with high pH levels, harsh chemicals and wax-based solutions can damage engineered and solid hardwood floors. Avoid using vinegar and water as well, for it can dull the finish on your floors over time. When using a damp mop to clean up a sticky spill, it is crucial to ring out the mop until it is damp. The use of too much water or liquid will penetrate the floor and cause permanent swelling and warping. Once you are done damp mopping, immediately check your floor for any puddles or areas with excess water on the surface and use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the areas on the floor dry.


Preventing Damage to Hardwood Floors

There are several elements besides water and liquids that can cause damage to hardwood floors over time, so it is essential to be cautious in order to prevent problems. Dirt and other debris such as sand, act like sandpaper on wood floors and can cause scratches and dents. To avoid dulling your hardwood floors, use rugs and floor mats at all outdoor entrances and in any high traffic areas, and sweep your floors regularly. Dragging your furniture also causes major dents and scratches, so place felt contacts under the legs of heavy furniture, especially couches and beds. Adhere felt pads to any furniture that is moved daily such as dining room chairs and barstools, and purchase a floor mat if you have a roller office chair. Another harmful element to hardwood flooring is harsh direct sunlight. Even if the sun only hits a spot on the floor for an hour or so, overtime the area can become discolored. Use curtains and blinds, and keep them closed during times when direct sunlight shines through the room.

Bella Cerra

Bella Cerra

Hand Carved Plank


Engineered from fine Birch this hardwood collection is available in several color selections. 

Browse the Ruscello hardwood collection from Bella Cerra or visit our showroom to view the full line of samples and speak with a flooring specialist.


This 2 tone collection features a dual staining process for twice the dramatic style. 

Browse the Bergamo hardwood collection from Bella Cerra or visit our showroom to view the full line of samples and speak with a flooring specialist.

Invinvible™ Hardwood Collection

Invinvible™ Hardwood Collection

Hardwood in a League of Its Own

Available exclusively at Carpet One Floor & Home® retailer's

With Titanium warranty that will cover Wear, Finish, and Structural Integrity for a full 50 years Invincible™ Hardwood is the best performing wood floor that outlasts, out performs, and out shines any competitor's wood flooring.

Learn more about Invincible Hardwood or visit our showroom to view the full line of samples and speak with a flooring specialist.

Hanover Hills™ Hardwood

Hanover Hills™ Hardwood

It's Your Perfect Style

Available exclusively at Carpet One Floor & Home® retailer's

Featuring a variety of plank widths, stains and finishes, Hanover Hills™ Hardwood has something to fit your style preference. 

Visit our showroom to view the full line of Hanover Hills™ Hardwood samples and speak with a flooring specialist. 

Rustic River™ Hardwood

Rustic River™ Hardwood

Craftmanship, Quality, and Intengrity in Every Plank

Avaliable exclusively at Carpet One Floor & Home® retailers

A collection of rustic hardwood floors with rich tones, bold textures, traditional colors and intriguing style.

Learn more about Rustic River Hardwood or visit our showroom to view the full line of samples and speak with a flooring specialist.

Norwood Hill

Norwood Hill

Fine Flooring Solutions

Norwood Hill offers classic hardwood flooring with rich tones and fine texture. 

Visit our showroom to view the line of Norwood Hill Hardwood samples and speak with a flooring specialist. 

Carolina Mountain Hardwood

Carolina Mountain Hardwood

Flooring For Your Lifestyle

By Caroline Home Flooring, Carolina Mountain Hardwood offers flooring in a variety of wood species, colors, stains, and finishes including wirebrushed, sliced wirebrushed and handscraped. 

Visit our showroom to view the line of Carolina Mountain hardwood samples and speak with a flooring specialist.