Sleek & Stylish Penthouse Flooring


Client: CG702105

Portfolio: Tile

Service Date: October 2017

Location: Cocoa Beach, FL

Job Details:

The objective for this project was to brighten up the large condo predominantly focusing on the kitchen and dining room, which lacked some much needed natural sunlight. Designers Dawn Johns and Brittany Hutt aimed to make the space appear visually brighter and remain aesthetically unified with the design of the entire condo. The main areas of the home such as the foyer, hall ways, bathrooms, kitchen and dining room were upgraded with new, lighter colored flooring. For these areas, the Apollo 12 x 24 tile in the color Beige from Happy Floors was selected to revive the entire condo and add a touch of modern design. 

Flooring design by Dawn Johs and Brittany Hutt

Installation by J&J Carpet One Floor & Home

Photography @flsportsguy