Why Should I choose Carpet?

Carpet continues to be a popular choice in flooring, delivering the qualities of warmth, comfort and excellent sound absorption. With today’s leading flooring technologies, carpet is designed to be softer, stronger, and highly stain resistant making it a reasonable flooring choice for any home or business. Available in a wide range of textures, styles, colors, and patterns, carpet adds beautiful design with high performance and functionality to any home. Whether you want your floor to make a bold stylish statement, or keep the look casual, J&J Carpet One offers a wide variety of carpet choices suitable for every type of lifestyle and budget.


What is the Best Carpet for my Room?

Selecting the best type of carpet for your home depends greatly on your lifestyle, budget, and the overall purpose of the room. There are several types of carpet, each with different features, so it is important to decide what qualities you want your flooring to have. Homeowners typically search for a carpet that is soft and highly stain resistant, while businesses prefer a carpet that is extremely durable and resistant to wear and stains. The carpet offered today is better than ever. With designs that are current with today’s interior trends and made with consumers lifestyles in mind, you never have to sacrifice the look of luxury for a functional floor.


What are the Different Types of Carpet?


Plush carpet is the most common carpet style used in homes due to its soft and smooth surface. Plush carpet is constructed of straight, low twisted fibers that are cut at an even length and blend together, therefore, making the piles very dense and deep. Due to the pile construction, this style is subject to show footprints and vacuum sweeper marks, so it is best used in low traffic areas such as bedrooms, guestrooms, and living and dining rooms.



Loop Carpet, most commonly called berber carpet, has yarns that are continuously looped and uncut, forming very low tightly constructed loops. However, some berber carpets are constructed with both low and high-level loops, making it a multi-level loop berber (carpet.) The height variances create a textured patterned effect that hides traffic patterns well, but is not as durable as level loop berber. Multi level loop berber carpet is ideal for heavy traffic areas and commercial settings due to its excellent durability, strength, soil hiding capabilities, and resistance to crushing from furniture and footprints.


Patterned carpet is a combination of low level loops (berber) and high cut tufts that produce a sculpted pattern on the surface of the carpet. Generally, a patterned carpet will have the same colored fibers that are both cut and looped but is sometimes constructed in multiple colors that aid to hide soil, dirt, and footprints. This carpet style is durable and performs well in areas with a lot of activity. Patterned carpet comes in a variety of decorative and geometric patterns, adding dimension and giving your space a clean and contemporary look.



Frieze carpet is consisted of highly twisted yarns cables that curl at the surface with an informal loose appearance. All frieze yarns are heat set and then crimped to seal light twist so there is no unraveling of the yarns. Frieze carpet gives any room a casual and comfortable look, is a great choice for any active part of your home, and is less likely to show track prints and vacuum marks.



What is the Best Carpet Type for Kids and Pets?

A carpet type that is able to withstand the wear and tear of kids and pets is a quality plush carpet with nylon fibers. Carpet in general is a great choice for a home with kids due to its non-slip surface, which helps prevent accidents and provides natural cushion in the event of a fall. Kids love the soft comfort of the plush fibers, making it suitable for any room in the home. Plush carpet has very dense fibers that are closely attached to the carpet backing. The closer the fibers are to the backing, the less wear the fibers will endure, so pets with rough paws is nothing to worry about. Plush carpet is easier to clean, more than a berber or frieze carpet style; however, it is crucial to make sure the fibers of the plush carpet were treated with soil and stain resistant treatments.


How long does Well Maintained Carpet Last?

It is important to give your flooring the proper care and maintenance in order to enhance its life, performance, and help maintain its beauty. At J&J Carpet One, we have numerous exclusive carpet brands that come with a warranty, so be sure to check the warranty for proper maintenance instructions. A quality carpet that is well maintained lasts around 7 – 10 years but requires frequent care and professionally cleaning every few years.


How to Clean and Care for your Carpet

Like any major investment, carpet requires routine care and cleaning to improve its lifespan and maintain its quality. The best routine cleaning to perform on your home’s carpet is to vacuum. About 80 percent of the dirt and soil trapped in carpet is dry and can easily be removed by vacuuming on a frequent basis. To achieve the best results, be more thorough to the high traffic areas such as entrances, hallways and stairs. Be sure you are using a quality vacuum with adjustable and rotating brushes to loosen the soil and set the vacuum on the correct pile height.

Aside from the standard routing cleaning, your carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months; however, it is always best to follow the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations for the correct advisory. Carpet fibers differentiate depending on the manufacturer and type of carpet, so not all cleaning solutions can be used on all fibers and dyes. Some cleaners can actually strip the carpet fiber of its stain protector and then make the carpet more susceptible to staining. Be sure to pay close attention to the ingredients in your cleaning solutions, and know if your carpet is made of nylon or polyester fiber. Use of harmful cleaning solutions can cause more damage to the carpet fibers after use and inadvertently void the manufacturers warranty.

Stain resistant carpet is meant to resist the penetration of any liquid substance; however, stains and spills are bound to happen. The best response to a spill is a speedy one, so download the Stain First-Aid App. The app features video instructions and simple steps to follow on how to remove the most common type of stains. This helpful app is brought to you exclusively by Carpet One Floor & Home®.

Relax It's... Lees®

Relax It's... Lees®

"No Exclusions" Pet Stain Warranty

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Lees® is the toughest carpet, offering both stain resistance and style. It repels spills to make cleanup quick and easy. So it stands up to everyday life – the parties, spills, messes, even new puppies – while ensuring a beautiful-looking carpet for years to come. Only Lees® combines the product performance technologies, after-sale assurance and historical track record that allow you to relax know that you’ve made the best purchase for you and your family.

Learn more about Lees® carpets or visit our showroom to view the full line of samples and speak with a flooring specialist.

Lees® Studio

Lees® Studio

Strength Meets Style in A Carpet Like No Other

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Only Lees® Studio 1846 truly understands style, giving the custmer a collection of beautiful carpet that will stand up to a life of spills, wear and tear. The latest looks, luxe comfort and laid back elegence of Lees® Studio. 

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Tigressá® Soft Style

Tigressá® Soft Style

The Softer, Richer, Stronger, Ultra Protective Carpet

With its unique fiber design that allows for richer, more striking colors, and it’s tightly woven fibers that protect against matting and wear – Tigressa® Soft Style maintains superior softness and strength year after year.In addition, the Tigressá yarn system features Ultra Protective Color Technology, which produces a deeper color texture than ordinary carpet, adding to the richness and beauty of your floor. 

Learn more about Tigressá® Soft Style or visit our showroom to view the full line of samples and speak with a flooring specialist. 

Tigressá® cherish

Tigressá® cherish

Softer & Stronger than Ordinary Carpet

Positioned as Carpet One Floor & Home®’s premier all nylon SUPER soft carpet collection. Featuring a one-of -a-kind blend of softness and strength through its makeup of precision-engineered, high-tensile denier filaments. The fine–denier filaments in Tigressá Cherish utilize advanced yarn engineering and fewer dye pockets in each strand, resulting in a luxuriously smooth softness and richer, longer lasting color.

Learn more about Tigressa® cherish or visit our showroom to view the full line of samples and speak with a flooring specialist.